How To Get A Flat Stomach In A Week

So you think it’s impossible to have a flat stomach in 2 weeks? You’re wrong! You can lose belly fat in a week if you know what you’re doing.

flatten stomach in 1 weekBut let’s get something straight, there is no magic pill to do this in just a week. You need a combination of fat burner, exercise and diet for best way to lose belly fat in a week. Even with all 3 I’m not guaranteeing you will do it in just 7 days as it depends mostly on you. I’m just showing you what is possible.

With that said there is nothing wrong with taking it slow and achieving a flat stomach in 2 or 3 weeks.  The main key is to take action now.

Flatten Stomach In A Week

One of main reason many people will never have flat abs is belly fat.  The truth is that you need to have less than 15% body fat to have a flat stomach and between 6% to 10% to show off your six-pack.

That’s why no matter how many muscle strengthening  exercise you do the fat has to be burned off before you get to show it.

That’s why I recommend  Forskolin Belly Buster as the best fat burner available right now.  You might have heard about it on Dr. Oz or other health related shows.

Basically what it does is help to promote the breakdown of stored fats human fat cells. This why it works so well for belly fat.

Next step is actually start exercising your abs for additional fat burning and toning. But don’t worry I recently discovered something that works just as well as exercise without it, but about that later.

What I love about ab workouts is that it doesn’t take long and you can do it everyday. You see, unlike biceps, triceps and other muscles that grow when while resting  (or the day between exercising them) abs work differently as you want to tone them not grow them.

So pick some of your best abs exercises that also burns body fat.

Now the last but not the least ingredients to a flat stomach in a week is diet.  Below I’ll mention the food you need to avoid and onses to keep an eye on. I will finish this later.